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Agilent J&W GC and GC/MS Columns
About Us Portfolio by Industry
Agilent J&W GC Column Selection by Industry
  • Environmental
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Food, Flavors & Fragrances
  • Forensics
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy and fuels

  • Low Polarity columns - HP-5MS, DB-5MS, DB-1, HP-1, DB-5, HP-5, DB-1ht, etc
  • Mid Polarity columns - DB-35, HP-35, DB-17, DB-210, DB-624, DB-1701, etc
  • High Polarity columns - DB-225, HP-88, HP-Innowax, DB-Wax, DB-FFAP, etc
    DuraGuard – Built-in guard columns (6 phases stocked) High Efficiency Columns – Shorter analysis time
    NEW Ultra Inert GC Columns
  • Most inert columns on the market; Tested with special test mix
  • Ideal for trace analysis esp. using GCQQQ, or TOF

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