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Hamilton Neuros™ Syringe

Hamilton Neuros™ syringe technology provides unprecedented functionality for controlled animal injections.


  • Range:  50nL – 100µl
  • Ultrafine needle protected by a custom-designed sleeve.
  • Minimizes injection site damage by increasing needle rigidity and delivering a microvolume of liquid to an exact location
  • Neuros technology is offered on several models from the 700 Microliter™, 1700 Gastight® and 7000 Modified Microliter series.
  • Very little to no dead volume which preserves the maximum amount of buffer and solution


  • Needle rigidity improves insertion path accuracy
  • Minimal tissue damage reduces injection variability
  • Reduced sample loss saves money and materials
  • Fine gauge needle creates smaller injection sites
  • Compatibility with most infusion pumps and stereotaxic holders means an easy integration into existing processes
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