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GC General Supplies
Overview of Agilent Chromatography SuppliesConsumables or Supplies are split between two major product lines -

Proprietary Parts -

Replacement Parts designed for Agilent instruments
  • GC - inlet and detector parts
  • GC/MS - Source Parts, Filaments
  • LC - flow cells, pistons, seals
  • LC/MS – nebulizers, calibrants, tuning mixes
  • ICP-MS - Ion Lenses, nebulizers

“Generic” (General) products but with premium performance and Ease of UseMade to Agilent proprietary specifications
  • Make products easier to order, install and use – for all users
  • Clean - Septa should NOT be baked out in oven
  • Novel packaging
    • Keeps products clean until use
    • Know when to re-order / Dispense individuall
Optimize instrument performance and maintain specifications.
Needed by all

Agilent GC Inlet Liners
  • Very strict physical tolerances of glass for the most reproducible injections
  • Time tested Agilent proprietary deactivation
  • Individually packaged
  • Part number on liners for easy identification – liners often look alike
  • Traceable by lot codes for quality assurance

ONLY Agilent GC Liner O-rings
  • Pre-cleaned and conditioned for GC or GC/MS use
    • Outgassing of contaminants can interfere with results
    • Especially important for trace, ECD and MSD work
  • Plasma treated for a non-stick contaminant free surface
    • Liner often breaks during maintenance if O- ring sticks to the liner and inlet
    • O-ring residue on inlet means much more extensive maintenance
  • Packaged for both convenience and cleanliness
    • Novel dial pack keeps O-rings clean
    • Presents 1 O-ring at a time

Agilent Injection Molded Metal Gold Plated Inlet Seal A GC inlet with a stuck septum was once a common, unexpected maintenance job…

But when using Agilent Premium Non-Stick Inlet Septa!

Agilent uses a proprietary plasma treatment -- tested to ensure no contamination, unlike competitor who use a powdery foreign substance that may contaminate the inlet

Agilent Injection Molded Metal Gold Plated Inlet Seal Old (and competitors’) seal – machined part wit radial grooves found to be a source of air leaks
Agilent Seal – metal injection molded with consistently smooth surface – no radial grooves
  • Consistent seal (no grooves)
  • Less air into system means less column bleed and higher sensitivity
  • Longer life columns

Agilent Gold Seal kit PN 5188-5367 includes the washer

Agilent GC Split Vent Trap Often overlooked during inlet maintenance
Function is to collect analytes and contaminants in split vent effluent
It needs to be replaced on a regular basis, usually every six months -- or more often if
  • Typically work with samples that are 'high boilers'
  • Have a higher than average split rate
  • Throughput a high rate of samples
Dirty traps can constrict flow causing
  • sample discrimination
  • retention time drift
  • contaminate EPC (electronic pressure control)
    components resulting in a very expensive service call

GC Column Accessories When selling industry leading Agilent J&W GC columns, do not forget these essentials….

Capillary column ferrules

  • complete offering of sizes with selection of graphite, optimized 15% graphite/ 85% vespel blend, or 100% vespel
  • Preconditioned MS interface (long) ferrules
  • Convenient dial pack keeps ferrules clean and easy to
  • GC Column nut selection includes universal, finger tight, and MS interface (long) nuts

Brighten sample prep for HPLC, GC and MS analysis Agilent Color Coded Manual Syringes

  • Serves as bench top storage between use
    • Full offering – 0.5 ul to 50 ml with a variety of fixed, removable or luer lock needles
    • Accuracy and precision as expected from Agilent Technologies
    Color Speaks Volumes!

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